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James Bloomfield – Président régional – Prairies



Some information about Regional President Prairies – James Bloomfield

2000 – Started as a correctional officer at Stony Mountain institution as a CXI.

2002 – I first got involved in the union in 2002 as the local treasurer and held that position until my parental leave in july 2007.

2001 – Started acting as a CXII in 2001 and signed as a CXII in 2003.

2006 – Earned my place with the institutional emergency response team and held that until i retired from the team to take on the role of Prairies Regional President.

2009 – Ran for local president of Stony Mountain Institution in 2009 and held that position until I took over the Prairies regional president position

2013 – Became Prairies Regional President

Involved with the national training committee/ ERT committee.

Why I got involved with the Union:

I first got involved in the union to help fellow officers and be a voice for those that needed it.  As most involved, I have it in my blood.  I have a family history in unions and have been a supporter of unions and the union efforts since my grandfather told me to never cross a picket line when i was a young child.  I grew to understand what the reasoning was and why supporting unions is not only good for individuals and working conditions, but why unions are good for this country.  As I grew older and developed opinions on most everything I realized my mouth was not going to be a silent one.  as these opinions moved into CSC policy and operations it was clear to me that I could just stand by and complain about issues, or be part of the solution. I decided to join the local executive with the attitude that I am on equal ground with everyone from the warden to the rookie that walked in the door yesterday and I was not going to be silent. I needed to ensure that our voice was heard and that our issues as CX were being dealt with.  As I have grown as a union member my voice has been refined by experience to be more effective.  But as all who know me will tell you the refined words come with a blunt honesty and express the true reality of each situation. I am a proud union member and will continue to be the voice for my fellow officers in each forum I can promoting the union and the wellbeing of professional correctional officers.