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National President Jason Godin testifies at the Senate Human Rights Committee

Today Jason Godin, National President represented UCCO-SACC-CSN at the Senate Committee studying the issue of human rights of prisoners within the correctional system.

In his testimony, Jason highlighted the need to retain administrative segregation as an essential tool for population management. The complete removal of segregation would prove to be extremely disruptive and dangerous to our work environment. In addition, the increased incidence of inmates with serious mental health conditions, particularly amongst female inmates, is impacting the daily operations of our Institutions and proving to be a huge drain on staff resources.

To this end Jason reaffirmed the need to establish a specialized unit to treat and manage these high risk female inmates, something the Union has been calling for since 2005. In addition, the provision of on-site 24/7 Health Care coverage as recommended by the Ashley Smith inquest, was once again asked for by the Union.

The Committee expressed great interest in the increasing incidence of PTSD amongst our membership and sought clarification on what resources are available to help those members suffering from occupational stress injuries. Our National President stated that progress is being made but reaffirmed the need to have more resources allocated to this particular area.

In closing, the Committee recognized the “tough job” that we do and thanked us all for the hard work that we do on a daily basis within our Institutions.

To read Jason’s testimony click here.

To watch the Senate Committee hearing please click here.

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