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National and Regional Executive elections have been completed at the Sixth National General Assembly of UCCO-SACC-CSN.

The following members have been elected:


President: Jason Godin
National Vice President: Éric Thibault
2nd Vice President: Gord Robertson


Atlantic Region

President: Jeff Wilkins
Vice President: Olivia Tynes
2nd Vice President: Joel Banks


Ontario Region

President: Rob Finucan
Vice President: Chris Bucholtz
2nd Vice President JL Chamaillard


Quebec Region

President: Frédérick Lebeau
Vice President: Francis Picotte
2nd Vice President: Dany Charest


Prairies Region

President: James Bloomfield
Vice President: Ryan DeBack
2nd Vice President: Richard Bentley


Pacific Region

President: Derek Chin
Vice President: John Randle
2nd Vice President: Tatiana Clarke

We congratulate the successful candidates and wish them well in their respective positions. The Union would also like to recognize and thank all members who put their names forward for nomination.
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