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Modernize archaic disciplinary procedures

Our demand on discipline:

• CSC will not impose financial penalties as a disciplinary measure.

• Maintain salary during investigations.

• Inquiries, hearings or investigations may only be conducted by someone who is not directly involved in the events under review.

• Sharing evidence (e.g., video) during investigations.
Our demands on disciplinary measures are important:

• Fines are an archaic penalty that have no place in a modern workplace. Or in a workplace that claims to pride itself on values and ethics. Making people work for nothing: we call that sweatshop or slavery. No more!

• Investigators should not be judge, jury and executioner.

• To avoid abuse of power by managers when dragging out investigations.

• The principles of natural justice concern procedural fairness and ensure a fair decision is reached by an objective decision maker. Maintaining procedural fairness protects the rights of individuals and enhances public confidence in the process.

• Maintaining members on salary will encourage the employer to speed up unnecessarily long investigations and even longer delays to vetting reports.
Use this week to think of your own reasons to justify our demand on disciplinary procedures. Take every opportunity to discuss the issue with your colleagues to ensure that all our members understand and support the union’s efforts on this important topic in our negotiations.

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