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After the morning training

The march stretched for blocks along the Ottawa streets, as such we had the police help us blocking the traffic. Thank you Ottawa police department, your officers were very helpful even when there were unexpected detours due to emergencies.

The march was pretty good for 650 officers not normally use to marching in step in a large formation. It was impressive and brought the streets to a halt as we passed by.

One twitter writer remarked that we looked like a very grim group and a CBC radio reporter asked when were we going to make some noise for her to record. I guess they are not use to a serious union marching though the Ottawa streets; it is the grim determination that they saw in our officers as they marched.

During the march our officers even caught a shoplifter that ran right into the street during the march.

Cold, sun, wind, detours and snow greeted us as we marched, even in the worst our officers persisted.

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