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Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux
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Stony Mountain Institution Guard of Honor Stonewall Parade

On December 2nd the Stony Mountain Institution Guard of Honor participated in the Stonewall Parade and the SMI Local donated Yourie bears as a giveaway. They won 1st prize and the money won will be donated to a charitable cause. Thank you to all who help in arranging this great event.


Letter to Vic Toews – Minister of Public Safety

Dear Mr. Toews; I thank you for your letter of December 9, 2010. It was good to finally hear from you. I must admit that it confounds me quite a bit, however, since you thank me for a letter I sent you one year ago, and which, last September, you told several of our members... Read the full article...

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Why won’t the minister talk to his employees?

Correctional officers demonstrate at Stony Mountain Institution during visit by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews (Winnipeg—November 12, 2010) In the wake of a scabies outbreak at Stony Mountain Institution that is contributing yet another threat to their health and safety, federal correctional officers are demonstrating outside the Winnipeg-area penitentiary to protest Public Safety Minister Vic... Read the full article...

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2017 UCCO SACC CSN National Executive


2018 National Executive

Members of the 2017 UCCO SACC CSN Executive Committee

Starting from left to right

Derek Chin, James Bloomfield, Rob Finucan, Gord Robertson, Jason Godin, Eric Thibault, Frédérick Lebeau, Jeff Wilkins,


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