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Picture of Unity LogoFive subjects, five intense weeks

Since November 1st, UCCO-SACC-CSN has conducted an intensive campaign to entrench our negotiating demands with all 7500 members. Every day over the past five weeks, we have discussed the subjects that are important to us as correctional officers: our future working conditions.

Union representatives at each of the 50 locals took every opportunity – at briefings, on rounds and at face-to-face meetings – to speak with as many officers as possible. According to the feedback we have received, their efforts were greatly appreciated.

Addressing each theme in this way helps all members understand some of the major stakes in these negotiations, and to support our negotiating team when are at the table. These five themes are each recalled on the last entrenchment tool that will be distributed beginning December 15, a mug that will help recap some of our major negotiating themes each day at work.

So remember what we’re fighting for:

• Better annual leave

• Improved allowances

• More 12-hour lines

• To modernize archaic disciplinary procedures

• Better salaries… and for many other subjects!

Use our UCCO-SACC-CSN mug regularly and with pride in our institutions, because our demands are important.

And because “UNITY IS THE KEY!

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