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Increase to Boot Allowance & Uniform Update – January 2014

UCCO-SACC-CSN has just successfully negotiated an increase to our boot allowance. This agreement will bring CSC in line with some of the other law enforcement agencies and will see the yearly $100 allowance replaced by a $250 allowance every two years commencing April 1, 2014. Although CSC was looking to the possibility of going to an issue boot to replace the allowance, we insisted our members need individual choice in footwear and with this new allowance, correctional officers will be able to cover the cost of higher quality boots of their choice that meet the safety and style requirements under Guideline 351-1.With regards to the replacement uniform jacket, the National Uniform Committee was shown the proposed jacket at our December meeting. Both the inner and outer jackets of the 3-in-1 seemed to be high quality and would meet the functional needs of correctional officers. We brought up the issue of reflective lettering on the outer jacket and also asked for some more specifications to ensure the jackets will meet the needs of officers working in the varied Canadian climates. We await that information from CSC and Logistik. We will stay on top of this issue to ensure that it keeps moving over the next couple of months.

UCCO-SACC-CSN has again received some sporadic complaints about the quality of some of the uniform pieces being sent out. We brought up the fading and sizing issues again at our meeting and ask that our members provide the union and/or CSC Nationally with these examples so that they can be discussed with Logistik. Contact cxuniform@shaw.ca with photos of defective uniform or questions you may have and want us to help you address.

The Committee also discussed dog handler shirts and changes to initial CTP uniform issue winter headwear during our meeting. CSC is looking into these and we look forward to an answer early in the New Year.

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