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Picture of CX Ring
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Ring Created for CX

Correctional Officers bravely risk their lives for the safety of other people. This ring was created for Correctional Officers and is not a Correctional Service of Canada ring. The ring was designed and created with the mindset that CX and their duties are unique from other departments within the service.

The ring face features a Folger Adams key and is expertly handcrafted in 92.5% Sterling Silver by GMG Jewelers. The ring can also be engraved and you can choose to have an engraving on it such as your name, institution or badge number.

The CX Ring makes a meaningful keepsake and anywhere your travels may take you, whether it be work related or pleasure, if you recognize the ring on someone else you will know that he/she is a colleague and brother or sister.

The cost for the ring is $195.00 taxes included and also includes one free ring sizing. The CX Ring can be shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door.

For more information please contact Bert at 1-306-960-6564 or by email at brevesz13@sasktel.net.

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