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Our allowance demands

Correctional officer allowance of $1750:

• Doubles to $3500 after 3 years to recognize seniority
• Becomes pensionable

• Continues our efforts to maintain comparability with the RCMP
• Recognizes the unique nature of our jobs

Retention and Recruitment allowance (Grande Cache and Port-Cartier):

• $2400 – single
• $3600 – family

• To offset the high cost of living in remote areas
• Create incentive to stay at these sites.

Specific allowances:

• Dog handler ($4 each 4 hours worked to $2.50 per hour for all hours including overtime)
• Clothing + $200 for max $800
• Instructor +.25
• ERT / negotiator +.25
• Fire brigade +.25

These allowances recognize our different responsibilities, our qualifications and our professionalism in our institutions.

Use this week to think of your own reasons to justify our demand on allowances. Take every opportunity to discuss the issue with your colleagues to ensure that all our members understand and support the union’s efforts on this important topic in our negotiations.

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