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Our annual leave demand:

• After 6 years of service: 4 weeks
• After 12 years of service: 5 weeks
• After 18 years of service: 6 weeks

Plus: More control over when we take vacations.

Annual leave demands are important:

• To help combat our work-related stress

• Because we are correctional officers 24-7, and we need the time to heal and recover from the constant pressure of our jobs

• For a better quality of life at home and in our families

• To simplify a currently complicated vacation accrual system

• After 6, 12 or 18 years, we have earned more time off from a job that few can do and even fewer want

• After 18 years, 6 weeks of vacation is a reasonable expectation considering the accumulated wear and tear of our jobs on our physical and mental health

Use this week to think of your own reasons to justify our demand on annual leave. Take every opportunity to discuss the issue with your colleagues to ensure that all our members understand and support the union’s efforts on this important topic in our negotiations.

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