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Press release
Source: CSN

The CSN deplores the orientation of the Conservative government, which indicated in its Throne Speech Wednesday that it would continue to slash public services and working conditions in order to achieve a balanced budget.

“The government is trying to woo the public with measures to protect consumers, but mercilessly attacks workers and public services. Via the Governor General, it made clear its goal of a reduced public service, and its intention to further cut employees’ sick leave and allowances. It also announced more cuts to services. These are Crown corporations, such as the CBC, and all Canadians will be ultimately affected,” said CSN president Jacques Létourneau.

He is troubled by the fact that the Conservatives are trying to restore their image by reviewing security measures for rail transport. “Remember, this is the same government deepened deregulation in this sector, which certainly has a share of responsibility in the disaster at Lac-Mégantic,” he commented.

The CSN also denounces the government’s complete silence regarding the Employment Insurance system. “The consequences of the Conservatives’ Employment Insurance reform have been criticized many times,” noted Mr. Létourneau. “By its silence, the government implies it intends to proceed with attacks on the unemployed, instead of tackling unemployment. Stephen Harper has not renounced his intention to restrict access to Employment Insurance for thousands of people. I have news for him: we will not stop our fight to be heard. We will not swallow this bitter pill.”

“Progressive forces are already well organized and will stay on high alert to stop these right-wing measures that undermine our economy and social safety net. Our solidarity is more important than ever,” concluded Jacques Létourneau.

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