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Hosted by the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers

Moderator Jason Godin, President Ontario region UCCO-SACC-CSN

Eric Walton, Green Party
Daniel Beals, New Democratic Party
Alicia Gordon, Conservative Party
Ted Hsu, Liberal Party

Ambassador Hotel
April 18, 2011

Debate Questions

1) Tough on Crime

What does it mean to you and your party to be “tough on crime”?

2) Crime legislation

The government has passed several bills that will lengthen sentences and increase the inmate population. More legislation will be introduced should the Conservative Party be re-elected. Where does your party stand on the crime legislation recently passed in the House of Commons? Wouldyour party support the Omnibus Bill of crime legislation that Prime Minister Harper recently promised would be introduced should his party be re-elected to government.

3) New Prison Construction

The Public Safety Ministry has embarked on an ambitious expansion of penitentiary capacity across Canada. Where does your party stand on building new penitentiary units or replacing aging institutions?

4) Health and Safety

The changes coming to the penitentiary system will have major impacts on staff and inmates, as could proposals being forcefully advocated by certain interest groups. Where does your party stand on issues such as double bunking, a Blood samples Act, or a needle exchange within our institutions?

5) Prison Farms

The closing of the prison farm in Kingston provoked a heated debate. Where do you stand on the operation of prison farms and would you recommend they be reopened?

The meeting was well attended by the community, the room was packed and the crowd flowed out into the hallway. It was estimated that there was about 400 people at the debate. Jason Godin moderated the debate and was tested by a lively exchange between the candidates and by helping members of the public focus on the questions for the candidates.

After the debate Jason and the union were congratulated for the professionalism that was displayed in hosting the debate. Members from Ontario region organized and ran the event.

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